Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well, Long Time No See

Okay, so I'm going to make an update here. This is my list minus all the completed/failed ones. Bold and italic are the ones I'm partially done.

Month 15 (starting on the 6th)
Weeks Completed 62
Current Week 63 (6/7)
September 18, 2010
Day 439

Incomplete/failed (11/101)
Started. In the process of. (22/101)
Completed. 100% done. (33/101)


5. Take a multivitamin EVERY DAY!!! (439/1001)
6. Brush teeth at least once a day! (439/1001)


7. Cook at least 1 meal a week. (62/143)
11. Eat some fruit 3 times a week every week! (62/143)
12. Phone mom to visit at least once a week. (62/143)


13. Read at least 1 new book every month. (15/33)
14. Put 50 dollars in my savings account each month (15/33)
16. Go through all of my clothes once a month and pack up anything I don’t want/need to send to my mom to send off to charity. (15/33)
17. Draw at least 1 picture each month. (14/33)

Other Time Related Goals

18. Drink nothing but water for a week. Twice. (0/7) (0/2)
19. Go 30 consecutive days without eating any fast food (including pizza) or junk food (candy, chocolate, chips, pop, etc.) (0/30)
21. Drink tea once a month for a year. (0/12)
22. Go to 3 live plays. (2/3) Dorothy’s play Along the Dotted Lines. Celeste’s play Little Shop of Horrors.


26. Get subs for the car.
29. Get a new bed.

Other Financial

38. Have $3000 in my savings account.
39. Have $4000 in my savings account.

42. For every incomplete goal put $10 in my savings and an additional $1 for every complete goal. (Amount may or may not be increased depending on my financial situation.)
43. Pay mom back the money that I owe her. ($1100.00) (Put on hold for now.)

Important People ‘n Things

47. Photo booth pictures with Richelle.
48. Go spend 3 days in Vancouver with Auntie Rosanne.
51. Visit my parents and little sister at least once every two months.(7/16)
52. Take my mother out for supper, just us two.
53. Check out 10 library books and leave a secret or inspirational quote in them upon return (0/10)
54. Make a family collage


55. Stay at some hot springs/go skiing with Devon.
58. Photo booth pictures with Devon.
60. Dress up REALLY fancy with Devon to go out for supper at a nice restaurant.
61. Get engaged/married.
62. Design and wear my own wedding dress.
63. Sleep under the stars.


65. Stop leaving dishes in the living room and make a habit of bringing them into the kitchen right away
68. Go through all my jewelry, get rid of all the things I don’t wear and buy myself some good earrings (and don’t lose them, lol).


69. Write another 50 pages for my book. (10/50)
71. Get a tattoo. (Only after I’m married.)
75. Make a habit of going out to sit on the balcony on nice sunny days. I can tan without being at the beach!
76. Make a habit of going for nice long walks! Find a route that I really like, possibly one that takes me down by the river.
77. Bring my Bible from mom’s house and start reading it again.


79. Get a passport.
80. Travel outside of Canada for a period of at least 3 days.
81. Swim in an ocean.
83. Go camping at least once every summer. (2009/2010/2011)
84. Visit a museum.
85. Go to a zoo
87. Take a random class just because it sounds interesting and I’d like to learn.
88. Spend an afternoon in a large cemetery, maybe write some poetry, draw, or just sit and think.
89. Try set up bowling nights more often.

The Rest

90. Make at least 15 bracelets. (3/15)
91. Sell some bracelets.
92. Move out of this apartment (I may have to change this one, but it will have something to do with living arrangements, even if it’s just starting up a fund to save money for a house in the future.)
94. 100,000 grains of rice for (14500/100,000)
95. Go to church in 5 different Saskatoon churches. (0/5)
96. Start learning French again.
97. Ride a horse.
98. Drink a whole beer by myself. (In an hour or less)
99. Make an article of clothing and actually wear it.
101. At the end of 101 days, make a new 101 list. Carry over any unfinished (but still wanted) goals to that list.