Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 47

Okay, okay, I know. I'm doing terrible. I haven't completed any new tasks on my list and I'm not even doing well on the daily/weekly ones. My camera's half busted, so at least I have an excuse for those ones, but the rest, I really have no excuse other than the fact that I'm super lazy.

Here's a break down of everything:


1. Write down one good thing that happened every single day in a journal. I'm actually doing this one. Okay, some days I miss it, but I'll catch up on it the next day. So good for me.
2. Take 1 picture a day whether it’s a “good” picture or not. As I said, my camera is busted. Sometimes things that I KNOW I took pictures of aren't there when I load them to my computer, so I'm still trying to make it work properly. Hopefully I can get it repaired and don't have to get an entirely new camera.
3. Take one photo of myself every day! (Can NOT be the same as my daily picture.) Okay, I'm getting rather bored with this one. I was going to do this so I could do a "my year in photos" kinda thing where you make a little video that just pops from one picture to the next for every day of the year. The problem is that I look the same every day and it's boring taking the same pictures every day. Maybe I'll change it to like twice a week or something. I don't know, but I'm doing even worse with this one than I am with the other picture task because of the fact that I'm bored with it already.
4. Pray more. Say daily/nightly prayers. I'm working on it. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't. I try to pray once every 24 hour period, but really I forget a lot. I have to just keep working at it though, I'll get it.
5. Take a multivitamin EVERY DAY!!! I'm actually doing this one! I think I only forgot once and that's because I had forgotten to put my bottle of multivitamins in my bag when we went to stay the weekend somewhere else.
6. Brush teeth at least once a day! I am also doing this one! I don't think I've even forgotten this one once. Woot!


7. Cook at least 1 meal a week. I think I missed the week that I spent almost every day at Dorothy's house. But other than that, we're doing well :) I'm planning pork ribs soon.
8. Do 2 groups of 3 sets of push-ups 2 times a week (Trying to raise the amount of pushups I can do at one time.) Last week I never did any and the week before that, I think I only did one set. I got this week's though. I'm so lazy.
9. Do bicycle abs exercise 2 times a week (outside of yoga class) I believe I missed the last two weeks and I haven't done any yet this week. I really need to stop being lazy.
10. Post 1 inspirational quote in a Facebook note every week. I missed a week. I'm not sure which week it was, but I missed one. And I have yet to do one this week.
11. Eat some fruit 3 times a week every week! (May increase in number, the farther it gets.) I'm keeping up on this one! Well, I still need one more fruit intake for this week, but other than that, I've been doing well! Woot!
12. Phone mom to visit at least once a week. (6/143) Well, I haven't actually been phoning her lately. But I've been visiting with her in person, so I'm counting that. After all, there's no point in phoning her when I'm in the same room as her, is there?

Okay, so maybe I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. Just the pictures and the exercising and the praying. But I'm working on the praying and know that I need to get off my lazy butt. The camera wasn't really my fault.

33. Get a Buddha board.

I totally completed that one today! I just remembered that that one was on my list. Woot! Go me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 35

Oops. I'm doing very well on my 101 in 1001 list except for a couple items. This blog being one of them. Well, here's to recap since my last update:

- I've missed a few of my daily pictures simply because I forgot, or I thought of it but was busy and decided to do it later (but then forgetting later), or because I forgot my camera at home, or because my camera is kinda broken. The screen is all cracked on the inside and doesn't work anymore, so for a while I wasn't sure if my camera worked at all since I didn't have access to my computer so I couldn't transfer the pictures from my memory card into my computer. I finally did so today and am glad to say that my camera does still work. Kinda. I have to put my eye up to the little hole and aim my pictures just like an old non-digital camera, which is fine during the day, but when it's dark out or dark in the room I'm in, I have a horrendous time aiming because not only is it difficult to see through the little hole properly in the dark, but while my screen is broken, it's still on. So I have this bright white screen next to my eye and I'm trying to see through a tiny hole in the dark. It doesn't work so well. But oh well, I need to step it up and actually get a picture every day.

- I've been doing my exercises but I never actually went to a yoga class last week because I was too busy. And unless I cut my family visiting short this week, I'll miss yoga again. Dang.

Umm... I completely lost my train of thought... oh well, till next time!