Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 18

So far I've kept up with my daily and weekly tasks. My pictures, health, and exercise activities are going well. I still have a couple more things to get done for my monthly tasks, but I'm sure I'll be fine, I've got a bit more time left.

Tasks I've completed since posting my list on here:

28. Get a bike.

34. Get a sewing machine.

66. Bring my desk from mom’s house and use it to replace the piece of junk desk that I am currently using.

76. Bring my Bible from mom’s house and start reading it again. Read it from cover to cover. (I haven't read it from cover to cover yet, but I have brought it from my mom's house!)

So I guess I'm doing pretty good. 18 days in and I've already completed some tasks. The smart things to do would have been to not buy the sewing machine and bike and save the money to send off to pay my student loans off faster. But I spent the first 6 months of this year saving money towards that, I deserve to have 1 month of spending money, don't you think?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Going Insane

You know you're addicted to updating your status when not doing so for one day is stressing you out. I'm constantly updating my stats for what I'm doing at the time but today has been dedicated to an inspirational quote. One that I have posted in a note and as my status and it will stay like that all day. But that means I don't get to inform people of the fact that I took a 2 hour walk in which I went down to the river, saw som baby geese, stopped at a bike store, and then came back home.

On my 101 in 1001 list, some of my objectives are to walk more and to buy a bike. I'm learning so much already because of that list and I haven't even been at it for a whole week yet.
I learned so much about sewing machines when I went to inquire about perchasing one. And now I own one and have already made myself a pillowcase and a slightly disfunctional tank top, lol. But in my defense I had never worked with stretchy material before, so I'm pretty impressed with my disfunctional tank top. I know exactly what I'll do to overcome the difficulties I had when I try to make another one. We'll see how that one turns out.
And now I've learned a whole lot about bikes. The difference between disc brakes and V-brakes, what size you should go for depending on your height... good stuff. I never realized just how much I didn't know about some things.

Oh, something else I realized today: my fear of heights is selective, lol. When I got to the riverside, I was at the top of a rather high hill and rather than taking the sloping path down, I went straight down the steep side where there are all these rocks and whatnot without a worry despite the fact that if I had fallen I'd have likely broken several bones. But then I went to go see the view from on top of the bridge and despite the fact that there's a railing as high as my chest, I had to back away from the edge just to feel a bit better about my situation. Which is weird considering I'm a strong swimmer and it would likely hurt a lot less to land in water than it would to crash and bounce down a jagged rocky surface. Oh well, life is funny like that.

Anyway, I have to continue being productive, so off I go.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hmm... Let's See Here...

Well, I've never had a blog before. I guess I'll start with writing about my reasons for starting a blog. I'm doing the 101 in 1001 challenge. I made a list of 101 goals that I'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. My start date was July 6th, 2009. My end date will be April 2nd, 2012. I'm going to post my list here and hopefully update it fairly often. I've already completed some goals, but those are all easy ones that I was already in the process of doing by the time I finished my list.

Anyway, here's the list as of right now.


  1. Write down one good thing that happened every single day in a journal (3/1001)
  2. Take 1 picture a day whether it’s a “good” picture or not. (4/1001)
  3. Take one photo of myself every day! (Can NOT be the same as my daily picture.) (4/1001)
  4. Pray more. Say daily/nightly prayers. (3/1001)
  5. Take a multivitamin EVERY DAY!!! (4/1001)
  6. Brush teeth at least once a day! (3/1001)


  1. Cook at least 1 meal a week. (1/143)
  2. Do 2 groups of 3 sets of push-ups 2 days a week (Trying to raise the amount of pushups I can do at one time.) (1/286)
  3. Do bicycle abs exercise 2 times a week (outside of yoga class) (1/286)
  4. Post 1 inspirational quote in a Facebook note every week. (Also make it my status for the whole day.) (0/143)
  5. Eat some fruit 3 times a week every week! (May increase in number, the farther it gets.) (1/429)
  6. Phone mom to visit at least once a week. (1/143)


  1. Read at least 1 new book every month. (1/33)
  2. Put 50 dollars in my savings account each month (1/33)
  3. Write one silly short story or poem a month and mail it (yes, snail mail) to my little sister. (0/33)
  4. Go through all of my clothes once a month and pack up anything I don’t want/need to send to my mom to send off to charity. (0/33)
  5. Draw at least 1 picture each month. (0/33)

Other Time Related Goals

  1. Drink nothing but water for a week. Twice. (0/2)
  2. Go 30 consecutive days without eating any fast food (including pizza) or junk food (candy, chocolate, chips, pop, etc.) (0/30)
  3. Go 60 consecutive days without drinking iced tea or pop. (Can not be at the same time as the 30 days of no junk food) (0/60)
  4. Drink tea once a month for a year. (0/12)
  5. See at least 1 live play every year. (0/3)


  1. Own a video camera.
  2. Get a cell phone.
  3. Buy good speakers for my/Devon’s computer.
  4. Get subs for the car.
  5. Get a printer/scanner.
  6. Get a bike.
  7. Get a new bed.
  8. Buy new shoes and accessories to go with my gorgeous black dress.
  9. Buy a new swimsuit.
  10. Get some sort of decorations for the balcony.
  11. Get a Buddha board .
  12. Get a sewing machine.

Other Financial

  1. Have $1000 in my savings account.
  2. Have $2000 in my savings account.
  3. Have $3000 in my savings account.
  4. Have $4000 in my savings account.
  5. Get a raise.
  6. Pay off the rest of my student loans. (Less than 3 grand to go!)
  7. For every incomplete goal put $10 in my savings and an additional $1 for every complete goal. (Amount may or may not be increased depending on my financial situation.)
  8. Pay mom back the money that I owe her.

Important People and Things

  1. Host a gathering for family in which I cook a large meal.
  2. Visit some people from my past to let them know how thankful I am for their help and encouragement and to let them know how I’m doing.
  3. Make Brian a bracelet and send it to him.
  4. Photo booth pictures with Richelle.
  5. Go spend 3 days in Vancouver with my god mother.
  6. Write letters to 5 important people in my life and mail them. Possibly add pictures inside them.
  7. Have flowers delivered to someone I care about.
  8. Visit my parents and little sister at least once every two months.
  9. Take my mother out for supper, just us two. And maybe go see a movie together.
  10. Check out 10 library books and leave a secret or inspirational quote in them upon return (0/10)
  11. Make a family collage (In this case, family doesn't mean just blood relatives. It means everyone I'm very close too whether they're family or friends. After all, friends are the family that you get to choose for yourself.)


  1. Stay at some hot springs/go skiing with Devon.
  2. Go on a picnic with Devon. (complete with blanket and basket of PB & J sandwiches lol)
  3. Get Devon to go to at least 1 yoga class with me.
  4. Photo booth pictures with Devon.
  5. Go to a drive in movie.
  6. Dress up REALLY fancy with Devon to go out for supper at a nice restaurant.
  7. Get engaged (and/or) married.
  8. Design and wear my own wedding dress. (Okay, I know technically this isn’t about Devon, but he’ll be the one I’m marrying, so it fits into this category well enough, lol)
  9. Sleep under the stars.


  1. Label all of Devon’s and my movies and videogames.
  2. Stop leaving dishes in the living room and make a habit of bringing them into the kitchen right away.
  3. Go through my stuff that’s still in mom’s house and try down-size everything.
  4. Bring my desk from mom’s house and use it to replace the piece of junk desk that I am currently using.
  5. Go through all my jewelry, get rid of all the things I don’t wear and buy myself some good earrings
  6. Write another 50 pages for my book. (8/50)
  7. Finish designing my tattoo.
  8. Get a tattoo.
  9. Get a second job.
  10. (private)
  11. Start taking yoga twice a week. (Or doing a full yoga routine at home once a week outside of my weekly yoga class.)
  12. Make a habit of going out to sit on the balcony on nice sunny days. I can tan without being at the beach!
  13. Make a habit of going for nice long walks! Find a route that I really like, possibly one that takes me down by the river.
  14. Bring my Bible from mom’s house and start reading it again. Read it from cover to cover.
  15. Be able to do the wheel in yoga. (Upgraded Bridge pose)


  1. Get a passport.
  2. Travel outside of Canada for a period of at least 3 days.
  3. Swim in an ocean.
  4. Go for a walk on the beach during the night.
  5. Go camping at least once every summer. (2009/2010/2011)
  6. Visit a museum.
  7. Go to a zoo
  8. Take a dance class of some sort.
  9. Take a random class just because it sounds interesting and I’d like to learn.
  10. Spend an afternoon in a large cemetery, maybe write some poetry, draw, or just sit and think.
  11. Try set up bowling nights more often. Try to get up to bowling once a week.

The Rest

  1. Make at least 50 bracelets.
  2. Sell some bracelets.
  3. Move out of this apartment (I may have to change this one, but it will have something to do with living arrangements, even if it’s just starting up a fund to save money for a house in the future.)
  4. Send 3 secrets to Post Secret (0/3)
  5. 1 millions grains of rice for (1470/1,000,000)
  6. Go to church in 5 different churches. (0/5)
  7. Start learning French again.
  8. Ride a horse.
  9. Drink a whole beer by myself. (In an hour or less)
  10. Make an article of clothing and actually wear it.
  11. Start up a blog and actually update it.

100. TBD

101. At the end of 101 days, make a new 101 list. Carry over any unfinished (but still wanted) goals to that list.

I guess I've got half of 99 done now too. Anyway, this is my first blog. Yay for me, lol.